Sorry, I was on Mute: Luxvna Uthayakumar

This installation responds to the question of how existing systems harm or help us. The approach is to represent the frustration, shame, messiness, disruption, and blurred boundaries that comes along with working from home. These themes are revealed in the objects that make up the intimate space of the work-from-home office. The installation will be a makeshift home office that features elements of the artists’ own space (half-eaten snacks, non-ergonomic chairs, eyedrops, cups and mugs, sticky notes, pillows, etc).
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Luxvna Uthayakumar is an emerging artist and designer residing in Tkaronto, Ontario. She is a collective member of Tamil Archive Project, and is the editor-in-chief of Tamil Futures Magazine. She was awarded the Forge Media + Design Registered Graphic Designer's Award for Motion Design in 2019 and the City of Toronto Award in 2020. She does not limit herself to one medium, and is often exploring new ways to communicate that which is not obvious to the eye. Instagram: @luxvna