Understand/Understood: Krish Dineshkumar
This installation is a meditation on what it means to listen, but not to hear. The blending of incoherent conversations, and metronomic waves asks the question: what care do we lose sight (or sound) of, when caught in the ebbs and flows of oppressive systems? This installation is made up of audio recordings of conversations had with members of the South Etobicoke community, melodized and manipulated by use of digital synthesizers and effects.
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Krish Dineshkumar is an audio producer, creative archivist, and cook. He seeks inspiration from a wide variety of music, film scores, and the conversations had on his podcast High Top Flip Flops: a show that uses comedy-based storytelling to have candid conversations with marginalized artists. He has scored music most recently for the film Snowbirds (2020) which premiered at Inside Out Film Festival 2020, and Parked (2021), a mini documentary through the National Film Board. Krish is a member of the Tamil Archive Project collective, under which he will be running Cooked Until Tender, a project that provides mental health support for racialized men through the culinary arts. Instagram: @krishnotchris